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Invitation is the business card of your event. It is the first sign of the upcoming party’s personality for your guests.

Invitations are personalized. It is common with families to write every family member’s name separately. Put together your list of guests in time and order 3-4 invitations more – one for reminiscence and 2-3 just in case (ordering extra invitations later can be very costly). Other cards and notes at the event should resemble with the style of the invitation. For example

* name cards for seats

*schedule of the wedding


*seating plan, etc.

Of course the invitation itself has to match the theme of the event. Therefore we offer you the chance to order handmade invitations from us or choose your favourite from the ones we already have in stock. If you have your own view what your invitation should look like, contact us and together we will fulfil your dream.

Handmade invitations start from 4.- euros and off-the-shelf invitations from 1,50.- euros. The time of delivery for handmade invitations is max 10 days. Off-the-shelf invitations take max 3 days to complete